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Casey has specialized training in teaching Yoga to children with special needs.  Casey is certified by Every Kid's Yoga, a unique program that combines music, Yoga poses and games, to assist with sensory regulation, language development and  building self-esteem.  Casey is also certified through Yoga For The Special Child.  This is a multi-level comprehensive program of yoga techniques designed to enhance the natural development of children with special needs.  This style of Yoga is gentle and therapeutic-safe for babies and children diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, Autism and other developmental disabilities. These methods also provide an effective treatment for children who are diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorder and Learning Disabilities.

Our classes offer an integrated series of balanced Yoga poses to increase body awareness and strength.  Casey also provides instruction on specialized breathing exercises and relaxation techniques to improve concentration.

Casey has extensive experience working with individuals with special needs and provides Yoga instruction to children/young adults of all abilities in a safe and supportive manner in an inclusive community setting. Join us for a class that is sure to make you smile!


Contact Casey for dates and times of classes.

Cost:  $10 per student, $5 per sibling.  No charge for parents who participate with their children.

Instructor:  Casey Calvey, Spirit Song Yoga

To register: call (607) 760-9549 or email Casey at

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